Insight on the labor market for South Holland

12 July 2022

RijnmondInZicht was launched  at the end of 2019. This spring, the Haaglanden, and Drechtsteden regions, as well as the province of Zuid-Holland were also connected to ArbeidsmarktInZicht, each with their own URL. Zuid-Holland is now uniquely positioned as a province to design data-driven labour market policy, based on a widely shared view of the latest trends and developments at the regional level


With our solution Zuid-HollandInZicht , Zuid-Holland chooses to collaborate with municipalities, regions, the province, education and employers on one platform with all labour market information. Sources such as CBS, UWV, DUO, LISA and Jobfeed are highly automated, so policymakers always have the latest insights at hand. Current trends and developments are interpreted and put into context by means of articles, and in doing so, a shared picture of the most current local situation is created.

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