With our unique approach, we develop interactive dashboards with an attractive design. Online and always up-to-date, so you always have the latest insights at hand.

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Data science

Data are the foundation of all of our solutions. We call the collection of techniques to intelligently process data ‘data science’. This is how we continuously innovate our products and services.

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Policy research

Up-to-date insights into the effects of policy are crucial during each phase of the policy cycle. For over 90 years, Etil has provided these insights at all levels of government, from municipalities to national ministries. 

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Market research

Etil conducts quantitative and qualitative research about customers, employees, products and communication.

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Etil and its predecessors have been active in market research in the agricultural sector for over 30 years. We collaborate with the most important players in the agribusiness sector. 

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Real estate

Etil is an important partner in various real estate markets. We actively investigate the residential, office and commercial market as well as business parks.

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Well-conducted interviews provide you with great insights into the motivations, drivers and goals of your customers, stakeholders and employees. 

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With expertly designed surveys, we help to improve your customer satisfaction, employee engagement, products or image. Etil carries out hundreds of surveys on a yearly basis. 

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Driver analyses

Driver analyses help you analyse results from survey research at a deeper level. What factors and motivations really matter to your target group? 

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Spatial analyses

We conduct spatial analyses to add an extra dimension to the supply of information. To do so, we have developed Geo dashboards to fully exploit the spatial component of data.

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