NPSlab: a revolution in market research

13 July 2022

A solid customer relationship strategy is an important key to success. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) forms the basis for this. Etil and media monitoring agency Clipit have taken a big step in 2020, by developing a new type of NPS measurement based on media data and Artificial Intelligence. This solution gives you in-depth insight into the NPS of your organization, product or service. Our NPSlab is more up-to-date and more affordable than traditional NPS measurement.


How does it work?
•    Clipit collects and stores all messages from all media sources in the Netherlands.
•    Clipit categorizes all messages and responses.
•    Etil analyzses them, based on keywords for your organization, product or service. 
•    We train the algorithm we have developed.
•    On the basis of media messages and reactions, we predict your NPS.


Want to learn more?
-    Have a look at the NPS Product page
-    Contact Evert Webers