Met de inzet van onze robotjournalist heb je nu op ieder gewenst moment de meest actuele informatie over de arbeidsmarkt voor jouw gemeente bij de hand, in een aantrekkelijke PDF.

Insight into the municipal labour market

13 April 2021

There is a new module in ArbeidsmarktInZicht: the municipal factsheets. Our robot journalist ensures that you will always have an attractive PDF file at hand with the most up-to-date information about your municipality’s labour market. Watch the video below and meet our robot journalist. Don't forget to turn on your sound!

The factsheet covers topics such as demography, labour force, participation, social security, education, branches, vacancies, skills and labour market tightness. The first topic of the factsheet changes, and will always highlight a  a topic that is currently relevant. At the moment, the topic is COVID-19.

With this product, municipalities can collaborate with regions and provinces for data-driven labour market policy, even municipalities with less focus on labour market analysis.

Go to and select your municipality; or enter the name of your municipality directly (e.g. If your municipality is not part of one of the provinces or labour market regions affiliated with ArbeidsmarktInZicht, please contact us via

If you want to know more about how the robot works, read this article.

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