Future Skills for Brainport Eindhoven

13 July 2022

The job market is developing and moving in the direction of a skills based- approach. Diplomas and formal qualifications are becoming less important; employers prefer to look at what someone possesses in terms of knowledge, expertise and behavioural skills. As a part of the development of SkillsInZicht, Etil conducted an analysis for Brainport Eindhoven. Based on online vacancy texts, we have investigated what skills are required by employers in Zuid-Oost-Brabant and what trends and developments are relevant for the connection between education and the labour market.

The results are available in the report Brainport Future Skills Onderzoek (2020).  


Some interesting results:

•    The strong specialisation in the industrial sector is one of the region’s strengths, but also makes it sensitive to the economic climate. Therefore, adaptive abilities are extra important.
•    Between 2010 and 2019, the set of wanted skills-profiles has broadened. Upskilling seems to be a trend in most professions.
•    The demand for technical and digital skills is strongly increasing, also in sectors such as healthcare and education. 
•    Lifelong learning is crucial for people, so they can quickly acquire new skills during their career and remain sustainably employable.

Want to know more? Read the report or contact​​​​​​ Jeroen Meuwissen.

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