Woonatlas Parkstad: mapping the housing market

December 14 2020

The housing market is developing at a fast pace. The changing demand for housing and the ever-increasing prices are some well-known examples. These developments are no exception in the Parkstad Limburg region. To obtain a better view of these developments in the region, the WoonAtlas Parkstad was developed as a spin-off of the Limburg Atlas. The WoonAtlas Parkstad maps relevant indicators in the field of Housing.

Starting with data at the lowest possible level, a single platform is used to give insight into the supply and demand of the housing market. The Atlas includes subjects, such as demographic development, forecasts, housing stock (composition and development), supply and transactions of owner-occupied properties, and planning capacity. Using a map and corresponding graphs, you get a dynamic view on each subject from a spatial perspective. Printable factsheets are available for each topic and the user has the option of exporting the underlying data. This makes WoonAtlas Parkstad the ideal tool for exploring developments in the regional housing market and for monitoring (future) policy goals.


The following organizations use the WoonAtlas Parkstad:

•    Parkstad Region Limburg
•    Municipalities: Heerlen, Kerkrade, Brunssum, Landgraaf, Beekdaelen, Voerendaal, Simpelveld
•    Housing corporations: Weller, Wonen Limburg, HEEMwonen, Vincio Wonen, WS Simpelveld, Vanhier Wonen, ZOwonen, Woonpunt and Wonen Zuid.
•    Regional Board of Tenants Organisations (ROH) Parkstad

In partnership with these organizations, Etil continues to develop a platform that allows for better monitoring of developments in the housing market. 

Want to learn more? Contact Roger Vaessens.

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