Integral management with Organisation Insights (OrganisatieInZicht)

13 October 2020

OrganizatieInZicht (Organisation Insights) is Etil’s online platform where all key performance indicators of your organization are brought together.
This gives you continuous insight into the satisfaction of customers and employees, your image and communication, organizational development and financial performance.

Each of these topics is fed with internal and external data sources. This way, you always have the most up-to-date insights into your organisation at hand, within one dashboard. In-depth articles will give you a more comprehensive picture of the developments over time and of the underlying drivers. You can quickly spot cross-connections and implement improvements and optimisations more easily.


Integrated Business Consulting (IBC) is a company operating in consultancy, project management and secondment - and as a client, closely involved in the development of OrganisatieInZicht. With thise platform, all IBC colleagues can swiftly obtain a shared image of where the organisation stands in terms of customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and engagement, agility and critical success factors.

Eric Schlosser, managing partner Strategy & Change at IBC: "By having a shared, continuous view of all facets of your organisation, you obtain a basis for decision-making, and with that, a better picture of required actions. Therefore, OrganisatieInZicht perfectly fits our mission of Changing Together Successfully."