Etil investigates the effects of corona

13 July 2022

This spring, the world was hit by the coronavirus COVID-19. Apart from the consequences for health and wellbeing, this also has radical consequences for the Dutch labour market. Together we face enormous challenges. In support of societal needs, Etil has developed two instruments to closely monitor the economic effects of the coronavirus.

The FaillissementsAtlas maps bankruptcies, suspensions of payments and other closures on a monthly basis, approached from various angles and geographical scales. This provides insight into how many and what companies in your region have gone bankrupt, and what sectors are hit the hardest.


The Coronamonitor illustrates the regional effects of corona based on fifteen socio-economic indicators. This insight into the development of employment, unemployment, the job market and business confidence in your region. In addition, twelve experts, including Prof. Barbara Baarsma and Prof. Ton Wilthagen, analyze the effects of the virus outbreak on the labour market in a special collection of interviews.

Corona crisis monitor.png

The FaillissementsAtlas and the Coronamonitor were developed by Etil based on two existing platforms: the GeoNavigator and ArbeidsmarktInZicht (Labour Market Insights). Together, the Atlas and the Monitor provide regional policy makers with a clear view of the spatial and socio-economic effects of the coronavirus outbreak. 

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