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November 9 2020

Stenden Hotel Management School in Leeuwarden is the largest Hotel School in Europe.  The GlobalMindMonitor (GMM) has been actively and successfully used for many years by Stenden HMS to measure and develop students' global competences. "The GMM is a good tool for students to evaluate their intercultural competences and set the right frame of reference for discussion. They can reflect on their scores and develop relevant aspects. This creates awareness of the relevance and importance of developing a global mind", said Anne Keizer (Researcher at the Academy of International Hospitality Research).

The GMM is now a fixed component of the educational program. Stenden HMS also offers - in addition to the use of the GMM - coaching for students, which enables them to better reflect and connect their results to their professional and personal development. This enables students to work with people from different cultural or international backgrounds in an effective and appropriate manner.

Moreover, Stenden HMS evaluates the GMM outcomes of international competencies to further align education with future jobs in Hospitality in our globalized world.


International competences in education 
In an increasingly international academic and work environment, knowledge, awareness and development of international skills are more important than ever. Together with the new 
Lectoraat Global Minds Minds of Zuyd University, Etil offers a complete and scientifically validated (online) instrument that allows students and professionals in higher education to reflect on their global competences. With the Global Mindset toolbox there are plenty of options for development. Additionally, there is a 360° feedback option, with which the respondent asks others to reflect on his/her international skills. This is very valuable for deeper reflection and further development.

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